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Week 18: Labor Atlas Draft

The Labor Atlas draft is below. There are several images and links that need to be adjusted, but the overall structure of the book is complete. Drew, Joe, Tyson, Jocelyn, and I (Cecilia included) discussed the book during yesterday's Shop Reflection. Email me if you have any comments or revisions. 190501_Labor Atlas  


Week 17: Exhibition

The exhibit starts at 5:00pm on Thursday, April 25th in the Studio Space. Please bring your journals and read Art, People, and Technocracy.

Week 15: Update Images

Please update and upload your Week 11 images to Box by Monday, April 15th. I will plot all the images throughout next week and have the Labor Atlas printed for the exhibit.

Week 15: Read Before the Exhibit

Please read "Art, People, and Technocracy" by Eladio Dieste before the Building Shop Exhibit on Thursday, April 25th. The reading starts on page 19 of the Dieste Eladio_Compiled Readings and Formwork References.pdf on the Box site.        

Week 12: Images

Images from Tuesday's class. Each team member needs to upload their Week 8 images to Box by Friday at midnight.